Hanna Nikkanen JRN video interview

VIDEO: Covering complex global issues and discussing new forms of publishing

Hanna Nikkanen, a Visiting Professor at the University of Tampere, talked with us about her plans for teaching and current interests. We went through various interesting topics such as the future of journalism and skills required from future journalists. She also talked about the difficulty of covering global issues, such as climate change. In the … Continued

PAPER: Political scandals in Finland and in the UK

On today’s turbulent media stage, political scandals represent great drama. They are important, because they touch political power directly, writes Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism journalist fellow Anne Moilanen. In her paper she compares Finnish and British political scandals and analyses how the scandal processes differ in Finland and in the UK. The author conducted semi-structured interviews … Continued

ARTICLE: Women’s and men’s sports equally covered during Olympics

New study by Antti Laine, of University of Jyväskylä, examines gender representation in Finnish and Swedish tabloids’ sports coverage during Athens 2004 summer and Turin 2006 winter Olympics. The study is based on comparative research frame between Finnish and Swedish printed tabloid newspapers and their websites. The results show that male athletes received more coverage than … Continued

New issue of NORDICOMs Media Trends newsletter published

New issue of NORDICOMs Media Trends in the Nordic countries newsletter is out now. It provides a collection of news about recent media developments based on reports from a number of Nordic media use surveys. According to the latest newsletter media use is becoming increasingly fragmented. TV viewing in the Nordic region is also rather stable, but differences … Continued

REPORT: BBC and YLE lead public service innovation

BBC and YLE are Europe’s leading public service broadcasters for digital innovation, a report by Annika Sehl, Alessia Cornia and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen of Reuters institute for the study of journalism suggests. According to the report YLE and BBC have succeeded because they have invested in their mobile output and see technology as an opportunity rather … Continued

ARTICLE: Violent women in tabloids in Finland

Women as perpetrators of violence are often portrayed as strong agents with an antisocial will to hurt others, write Satu Venäläinen. The focus of her new article is on the ways in which women’s violence is made meaningful in Finnish tabloids. The analysis attempts to dissect the ways in which the identities of “feminine women” and “violent women” … Continued

ARTICLE: Innovative techniques in analysing data-sets

Various new possibilities and challenges are generated by digital and social media and large available data-sets for conducting research focused on ever-developing online news ecosystems, write Niina Sormanen, Jukka Rohila, Epp Lauk, Turo Uskali, Jukka Jouhki and Maija Penttinen, of University of Jyväskylä. In this paper the researchers present a novel computational technique for gathering and processing … Continued

REPORT: Finnish journalism students aim for magazines

Finnish journalism students would like to find employment in the magazine industry, finds a study conducted at the University of Tampere, Finland. According to the researcher, Jenni Mäenpää, nearly a quarter of students said writing for a magazine was their preferred occupation. The study is a part of an international comparative survey, Journalism Students Across … Continued

PAPER: New shape of magazine editors

How have the digital shift and the need for speed changed the editing process and goals of editing? How can the editor enhance audience participation? asks Kati Toivanen. The newly published paper classifies four emerging editorial roles that manifest different aspects of the changes that magazine editors are undergoing in their daily work. These roles are the … Continued

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BOOK: Media representations of a murder case

How are crime and legal issues covered in the media? A recent book in Finnish by Elina Noppari, Pentti Raittila and Pirita Männikkö of the University of Tampere studies the news coverage of the 2006 Ulvila murder case from Finland. The book focuses on what kind of impressions media created of the murder suspect during … Continued