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ARTICLE: Cultural journalists accept subjectivity

Cultural journalists, such as book critics, reconcile with subjectivity in various ways, writes Phillipa Chong, of McMaster University, Canada. Chong interviewed 40 book reviewers who write for major American newspapers or prominent book blogs. Subjectivity cannot be avoided when writing about arts and culture, Chong points out. The book reviewers not only accept the fact, … Continued

PAPER: Changes in cultural journalism in Finnish newspapers

Maarit Jaakkola defends her doctoral dissertation today 23th June 2015 at University of Tampere. Her dissertation is titled The Contested Autonomy of Arts and Journalism. In her study, Jaakkola examines the changes in cultural journalism in newspapers in Finland between 1978 and 2008. She focuses on changes on professionalism in cultural journalism, analyzing the changes from the point … Continued