ARTICLE: US correspondents’ changing views of China

American journalists writing from China changed their views of the country several times, write Yunya Song, of Baptist University of Hong Kong, and Chin-Chuan Lee, of Hong Kong City University. They analysed 16 books written by front-row American foreign correspondents stationed in China in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The early 1970’s were marked with idealism, … Continued

ARTICLE: Inter-journalist connections, China in European press, and others

The journal International Communication Gazette has released its newest issue, which is a special on the relationship between China and the European Union, titled Mass Communication and EU-China Relations. Most of its articles have already been published online in late 2015 or early 2016, but it features some articles fresh off the review process. Chinese … Continued

ARTICLE: Why stereotypes of China persist

The perpetuation of stereotypes of China and the Chinese in Western media is the result of many reasons, writes Jeanne Boden, of KU Leuven. The author sketches out the history of mutual misrepresentation between China and the West, and presents six levels of distortions. The author recognizes the following sources of stereotyping: news selection, news … Continued

ARTICLE: Views of, and from, China

The journal Journalism has published a batch of online first articles on China. The articles are related to both the ways China is depicted by Western media and the way Chinese media operates in the west. William Fingleton, who is part of the European Union’s delegation to China, writes about the relationship between Western media … Continued