CFP: How can audience models be applied to new media?

The Second International Conference on Media and Popular Culture is calling for papers. The event, to be held in Vienna, Austria, will focus on different sociological models describing audience reactions to media stimuli. How can various models be applied to a changing media environment, the conference intends to ask and discuss. The event will last … Continued

Research grants for drone journalism, advertising and live tweeting, among others

Stock photo courtesy of user niekverlaan. The Finnish research fund Helsingin Sanomain Säätiö has announced its newest grant recipients. Seven research projects were granted a total of 538 600 euros on December the 3rd. Mervi Pantti, of University of Helsinki, will be studying the portrayal of the Ukrainian crisis in the Finnish press. Mikko … Continued

For most Swedes, internet is the most important information source

A recently published study details the internet use of Swedes. Internet use is widespread and still growing, and its importance greatest to the young, the study confirms. More surprising is the finding that a total of one million Swedes still forego internet use altogether. Of interest to journalism scholars: mobile and tablet use is booming … Continued

Danes trust text the most on the internet, and other findings

A national survey of Danish digital media use has been published. Its results suggest that despite of their widespread use of the internet, Danes are fairly conservative in their habits. For example, well over half (58%) of the study’s subjects preferred text over video or audio presentations of news. Other results show that even though … Continued