Research of November 2018

Journalism Research of November 2018

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in November 2018 about journalism research.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2018-11-08Designing a Renaissance for Digital News MediaAnette NovakMedia and Communication
2018-11-08The Midlife Crisis of the Network SocietyNikki Usher, Matt CarlsonMedia and Communication
2018-11-08Commentary on News and Participation through and beyond Proprietary Platforms in an Age of Social MediaJames E. KatzMedia and Communication
2018-11-08Networked News Participation: Future PathwaysSue Robinson, Yidong WangMedia and Communication
2018-11-08Hybrid Engagement: Discourses and Scenarios of Entrepreneurial JournalismJuho Ruotsalainen, Mikko VilliMedia and Communication
2018-11-08Strangers to the Game? Interlopers, Intralopers, and Shifting News ProductionAvery E. Holton, Valerie Belair-GagnonMedia and Communication
2018-11-08Why We Should Keep Studying Good (and Everyday) Participation: An Analogy to Political ParticipationNeta Kligler-VilenchikMedia and Communication
2018-11-08The Moral Gatekeeper? Moderation and Deletion of User-Generated Content in a Leading News ForumSvenja Boberg, Tim Schatto-Eckrodt, Lena Frischlich, Thorsten QuandtMedia and Communication
2018-11-08Alternative Media and the Notion of Anti-Systemness: Towards an Analytical FrameworkKristoffer HoltMedia and Communication
2018-11-08Dark ParticipationThorsten QuandtMedia and Communication
2018-11-08From Counter-Power to Counter-Pepe: The Vagaries of Participatory Epistemology in a Digital AgeC.W Anderson, Matthias Revers Media and Communication
2018-11-08A Decade of Research on Social Media and Journalism: Assumptions, Blind Spots, and a Way ForwardSeth C. Lewis, Logan MolyneuxMedia and Communication
2018-11-08News and Participation through and beyond Proprietary Platforms in an Age of Social MediaOscar Westlund, Mats EkströmMedia and Communication
2018-11-08Experiences of External Interference Among Finnish Journalists
Prevalence, methods and implications
Ilmari HiltunenNordicom Review
2018-11-08What changed public opinion on the same-sex marriage issue? New implications of attribute measures and attribute priming in media agenda settingVictoria Y. Chen, Paromita PainNewspaper Research Journal
2018-11-08Psychological Armor: The Science News-Letter Warns Against Propaganda (1926–1965)Susan E. SwanbergJournalism Studies
2018-11-08The Evolution of Data Journalism: A Case Study of AustraliaScott Wright & Kim DoyleJournalism Studies
2018-11-08 From Consumer Demand to User Engagement: Comparing the Popularity and Virality of Election Coverage on the InternetJacob ØrmenThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2018-11-07What Drives Media Use in Authoritarian Regimes? Extending Selective Exposure Theory to IranMagdalena Wojcieszak, Erik C. Nisbet, Lea Kremer, Golnoosh Behrouzian, Carroll GlynnThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2018-11-07Understanding News Story Chains using Information Retrieval and Network Clustering TechniquesTom Nicholls & Jonathan BrightCommunication Methods and Measures
2018-11-07Immersive Journalism and Telepresence
Does virtual reality news use affect news credibility?
Seok Kang, Erin O’Brien, Arturo Villarreal, Wansoo Lee & Chad MahoodDigital Journalism
2018-11-07Digital News Report 2018 - Turkey Supplementary ReportServet YanatmaReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2018-11-06Data Journalism Sustainability
An outlook on the future of data-driven reporting
Florian Stalph & Eddy Borges-ReyDigital Journalism
2018-11-06Comparing Innovation and Social Media Strategies in Scandinavian and US NewspapersKatja Lehtisaari, Mikko Villi, Mikko Grönlund, Carl-Gustav Lindén, Bozena I. Mierzejewska, Robert Picard & Axel RoepnackDigital Journalism
2018-11-06The Need for Smarter Definitions and Practical, Timely Empirical Research on Information DisorderClaire WardleDigital Journalism
2018-11-06Hyperlocal News And Media AccountabilityCarina TenorDigital Journalism
2018-11-06The Networked Freelancer?
Digital labour and freelance journalism in the age of social media
Kathryn Hayes & Henry SilkeDigital Journalism
2018-11-06News by Numbers
The evolution of analytics in journalism
Nicole Blanchett NeheliDigital Journalism
2018-11-06Making sense of innovative and disruptive news in the digital ageChrysi DagoulaJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2018-11-06Constructive journalismChrysi DagoulaJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2018-11-06Local news in a digital world: Stand up and start up, instead of copy and pasteBart BrouwersJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2018-11-06Repairing a fractured field: Dynamics of collaboration, normalization and appropriation at intersections of newsworkScott A. Eldridge IIJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2018-11-06‘Disruption’ in UK journalism education? A study of narratives of resilienceJohn SteelJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2018-11-06‘Professionally we’re definitely in this together’Julian PetleyJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2018-11-06Encountering disruption: Adaptation, resistance and changeScott A. Eldridge II & Marcel BroersmaJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2018-11-06The grey area in the practice of online journalism in ChinaTianbo XuJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
2018-11-06Framing of a Brazilian Crisis: Dilma Rousseff’s Impeachment in National and International EditorialsLiziane Guazina, Hélder Prior & Bruno AraújoJournalism Practice
2018-11-04Comparing legacy media responses to the changing business of news: Cross-national similarities and differences across media typesAlessio Cornia, Annika Sehl, Rasmus Kleis NielsenInternational Communication Gazette
2018-11-04Photographing the ‘battlefield’: The role of ideology in photojournalist practices during the anti-austerity protests in GreeceAnastasia Veneti, Darren G Lilleker, Paul ReillyJournalism
2018-11-04Filicide, journalism and the ‘disempowered man’ in three Australian cases 2010–2016Janine LittleJournalism
2018-11-02Changing objective: Re-examining the Journalist and the MurdererPatrick WaltersNewspaper Research Journal
2018-11-02Social media and connective journalism: The formation of counterpublics and youth civic participationRegina Marchi, Lynn Schofield ClarkJournalism
2018-11-02Identifying Media Effects Through Low-Cost, Multiwave Field ExperimentsKimberly Gross, Ethan Porter & Thomas J. WoodPolitical Communication
2018-11-01Not So Distinct After All: Assessing Social Stratification of News Users on the WebJacob ØrmenJournalism Studies
2018-11-01The Discipline-Autonomy Paradox: How U.S. Journalism Textbooks Construct Reporters’ Freedom Just to Tear it DownPerry ParksJournalism Studies
2018-11-01When Medicine Meets Media: How Health News is Co-produced Between Health and Media ProfessionalsJoyce Stroobant, Sarah Van den Bogaert & Karin RaeymaeckersJournalism Studies
2018-11-01New media clues and old journalistic habits: Representing the refugees in Romanian mediaValentina Marinescu, Ecaterina BalicaJournalism
2018-11-01The Ethics of Care as a Universal Framework for Global JournalismMohammad Delwar Hossain & James AucoinJournal of Media Ethics
2018-11-01Reinforcing attitudes in a gatewatching news era: Individual-level antecedents to sharing fact-checks on social mediaMichelle A. Amazeen, Chris J. Vargo & Toby HoppCommunication Monographs
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