Research of May 2020

Journalism Research of May 2020

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in May 2020 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2020-05-21Roaring Candidates in the Spotlight: Campaign Negativity, Emotions, and Media Coverage in 107 National ElectionsJürgen Maier, Alessandro NaiThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2020-05-20Most Readers In Dark When Bylines Differ From Staff Writer; Taglines Do Little to HelpStan Ketterer, Ray Murray, Jared JohnsonNewspaper Research Journal
2020-05-20Advocacy, Editorial Opinion, and Agenda Building: How Publicity Friends Fought for Louis D. Brandeis’s 1916 Supreme Court ConfirmationErin Coyle, Elisabeth Fondren & Joby RichardAmerican Journalism
2020-05-20“Guttural Phrases” and “Vulgar Directives”: The Evolution of Press Standards on ProfanityMatthew PressmanAmerican Journalism
2020-05-20The News Ecosystem During the Birth of the Confederacy: South Carolina Secession in Southern NewspapersMichael Fuhlhage, Jade Metzger-Riftkin, Sarah Walker & Nicholas PrephanAmerican Journalism
2020-05-20News as Relational Social Practice: A Theoretical FrameworkStephen F. OstertagInternational Journal of Communication
2020-05-20Anchoring Practices for Public Connection: Media Practice and Its Challenges for Journalism StudiesChristoph Raetzsch, Margreth LünenborgInternational Journal of Communication
2020-05-20Evaluative Practices in a Broadcasting Newsroom Archive: Culture, Context, and Understanding in PracticeAsen O. IvanovInternational Journal of Communication
2020-05-20Reporting, Uncertainty, and the Orchestrated Fog of War: A Practice-Based Lens for Understanding Global Media EventsKenzie BurchellInternational Journal of Communication
2020-05-20New Paradigm or Sensitizing Concept: Finding the Proper Place of Practice Theory in Media StudiesMaria BakardjievaInternational Journal of Communication
2020-05-20Beyond Bourdieu: The Interactionist Foundations of Media Practice TheoryPeter LuntInternational Journal of Communication
2020-05-20Jumping on the Practice Bandwagon: Perspectives for a Practice-Oriented Study of Communication and MediaChristian PentzoldInternational Journal of Communication
2020-05-20Magazine Journalism in the Golden Age of Muckraking: Patent-Medicine Exposures Before and After the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906Bryan DenhamJournalism & Communication Monographs
2020-05-20Embedding, quoting, or paraphrasing? Investigating the effects of political leaders’ tweets in online news articles: The case of Donald TrumpDelia Dumitrescu, Andrew R N RossNew Media & Society
2020-05-20Shaping news waves and constructing events: Iranian journalists’ use of online platforms as sources of journalistic capitalBanafsheh RanjiNew Media & Society
2020-05-20Noisy polymedia in urban Ghana: Strategies for choosing and switching between media under unstable infrastructuresElad Ben ElulNew Media & Society
2020-05-20Politicians’ Self-depiction and Their News Portrayal: Evidence from 28 Countries Using Visual Computational AnalysisMario Haim & Marc JungblutPolitical Communication
2020-05-19Digital Participation and Risk Contexts in Journalism EducationMark Dzula, Sydney Wuu, Janitza Luna, Amelie Cook, Summer ChenMedia and Communication
2020-05-19Initial surge in news use around coronavirus in the UK has been followed by significant increase in news avoidanceAntonis Kalogeropoulos, Richard Fletcher, Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism factsheet
2020-05-18Sketching: A Method for Imagining Journalistic TechSkye Doherty & Peter WorthyDigital Journalism
2020-05-18Between Attack and Resilience: The Ongoing Institutionalization of Independent Digital Journalism in BrazilSarah Anne Ganter & Fernando Oliveira PaulinoDigital Journalism
2020-05-18Women, the Economy and the News: Undeserved and underrepresented?Sophie KnowlesJournalism Studies
2020-05-18Poaching the News Producers: The Athletic's Effect on Sports in Hometown NewspapersNicholas R. Buzzelli, Patrick Gentile, Andrew C. Billings & Sean R. SadriJournalism Studies
2020-05-18Talking Back: Journalists Defending Attacks Against their Profession in the Trump EraMichael Koliska, Kalyani Chadha & Alison BurnsJournalism Studies
2020-05-18Separating truth from lies: comparing the effects of news media literacy interventions and fact-checkers in response to political misinformation in the US and NetherlandsMichael HameleersInformation, Communication & Society
2020-05-16Processing news on social media. The political incidental news exposure model (PINE)Jörg Matthes, Andreas Nanz, Marlis Stubenvoll, Raffael Heiss
Raffael Heiss
2020-05-15Differentiation and De-differentiation: The Evolving Power Dynamics Between News Industry and Tech IndustryQun WangJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-05-15Restrictive and Corrective Responses to Uncivil User Comments on News Websites: The Influence of Presumed InfluenceSai Wang & Ki Joon KimJournal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media
2020-05-14Re-imagining News Values and Labels of Controversies with Reference to Political ScandalsGilbert MotsaathebeCommunicatio
2020-05-14Towards a Decolonial Critical Political Economy of the Media: Some Initial ThoughtsSarah H. Chiumbu & Mandla RadebeCommunicatio
2020-05-14Playful approaches to news engagementRaul Ferrer-Conill, Maxwell Foxman, Janet Jones, Tanja Sihvonen, Marko SiitonenConvergence
2020-05-14Deciding What’s News: News-ness As an Audience Concept for the Hybrid Media EnvironmentStephanie Edgerly, Emily K. VragaJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-05-14Journalistic illusio in a restrictive context: Role conceptions and perceptions of role enactment among Iranian journalistsBanafsheh RanjiJournalism
2020-05-14Narrating African conflict news: An intercultural analysis of Burundi’s 2015 coupCaroline Williamson SinaloJournalism
2020-05-13“But is it Journalism?” Reflections on Online Informational Roles and Content Creation Practices of a Sample of South African LawyersHeather Robertson & Harry DugmoreAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-05-13Redefining Community: Community Radio Licencing in Zimbabwe at CrossroadsLast Alfandika & Sarah Kimberly MuchetwaAfrican Journalism Studies
2020-05-13News Flashpoints: Networked Journalism and Waves of Coverage of Social ProblemsSilvio Waisbord, Adrienne RussellJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2020-05-13News Coverage of the Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis in German Public Service Broadcasting: A Case Study Analysis in Tagesschau, Heute, Brennpunkt and ZDF SpezialKim Otto, Matthias Degen, Max Olgemöller & Andreas KöhlerJournalism Practice
2020-05-13Journalist-Activist Boundary Work in Populist Times: The #NazisRaus Debate in German MediaGiuliana SorceJournalism Practice
2020-05-13Post-Trauma Psychopathology in Journalists: The Influence of Institutional Betrayal and World AssumptionsZena Dadouch & Michelle M. LillyJournalism Practice
2020-05-13News Work: The Impact of Corporate-implemented Technology on Local Television Newsroom LaborCarey L. Higgins-DobneyJournalism Practice
2020-05-13Seeing, Thinking, Feeling: A Critical Reflection on Interview-based Methods for Studying News UseTim Groot KormelinkJournalism Studies
2020-05-13How News Become “News” in Increasingly Complex Ecosystems: Summarizing Almost Two Decades of Newsmaking ReconstructionsZvi Reich & Aviv BarnoyJournalism Studies
2020-05-13Expanding the Methodological Toolbox: Factorial Surveys in Journalism ResearchLukas P. Otto & Isabella GloggerJournalism Studies
2020-05-13Agent-based Testing: An Automated Approach toward Artificial Reactions to Human BehaviorMario HaimJournalism Studies
2020-05-13Towards an Experientialist Understanding of Journalism: Exploring Arts-based Research for Journalism StudiesSander Hölsgens, Saskia de Wildt & Tamara WitschgeJournalism Studies
2020-05-13(What) Can Journalism Studies Learn from Supervised Machine Learning?Frederik De Grove, Kristof Boghe & Lieven De MarezJournalism Studies
2020-05-13Toward a Better Understanding of News User Journeys: A Markov Chain ApproachSusan Vermeer & Damian TrillingJournalism Studies
2020-05-13Network Ethnography in Journalism Studies: A Mixed-Method Approach to Studying Media EcologiesSue Robinson & C. W. AndersonJournalism Studies
2020-05-13Unlocking the Newsroom: Measuring Journalists’ Perceptions of Innovative Learning CultureOrnella Porcu, Liesbeth Hermans & Marcel BroersmaJournalism Studies
2020-05-13Nuclear Energy in the Context of Climate Change: A Frame Analysis of the Dutch Print MediaMirjam VossenJournalism Studies
2020-05-13The European whistleblowing directive: a legislative barrier between journalists and their sources?Miha Šepec, Jan Stajnko, Klara Avsec, Tamara Dugar, Živa Šuta, Suzana Žilič FišerMedia, Culture & Society
2020-05-13Political Activist, Citizen’s Helper, and Entertainer: A Study of Professional Role Perception of Journalists in AzerbaijanRashad MammadovJournalism Practice
2020-05-13Measuring Media Content Concentration at a Large Scale Using Automated Text ComparisonsDaniel Vogler, Linards Udris & Mark EiseneggerJournalism Studies
2020-05-13Fake news practices in Indonesian newsrooms during and after the Palu earthquake: a hierarchy-of-influences approachFebbie Austina Kwanda & Trisha T. C. LinInformation, Communication & Society
2020-05-12Innovation in Public Funding for Local Journalism: A Case Study of New Jersey’s 2018 Civic Information BillSarah Stonbely, Matthew S. Weber & Christopher SatulloDigital Journalism
2020-05-12Mapping Source Diversity Across Chilean News Platforms and MediumsClaudia Mellado & Andrés SchermanJournalism Practice
2020-05-12Revising Legacy Media Practices to Serve Hyperlocal Information Needs of Marginalized PopulationsLetrell Crittenden & Antoine HaywoodJournalism Practice
2020-05-11Attracting the news: Algorithms, platforms, and reframing incidental exposureKjerstin ThorsonJournalism
2020-05-11From repression to oppression: news journalism in Turkey 2013–2018Stefanie Pukallus, Lisa Bradley, Sarah Clarke, Jackie Harrison
Jackie Harrison
Media, Culture & Society
2020-05-11Demythologizing war journalism: Motivation and role perception of Dutch war journalistsRegina (Pien) van der Hoeven, Bernadette KesterMedia, War & Conflict
2020-05-09#DiminishingDiscrimination: The symbolic annihilation of race and racism in news hashtags of ‘calling 911 on Black people’Robert E Gutsche, Jr, Xinhe Cong, Feihong Pan, Yiyi Sun, LaTasha DeLoachJournalism
2020-05-08Those who have the power get the coverage – Female politicians in campaign coverage in Austria over timeLore Hayek, Uta RussmannJournalism
2020-05-08Between national and local: Identity representations of post-colonial Hong Kong in a local English newspaperLiu Ming, Zhong JialiDiscourse, Context & Media
2020-05-07Are news outlets viewed in the same way by experts and the public? A comparison across 23 European countriesAnne Schulz, Richard Fletcher, Marina PopescuReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism factsheet
2020-05-06Do Online, Offline, and Multiplatform Journalists Differ in their Professional Principles and Practices? Findings from a Multinational StudyImke Henkel, Neil Thurman, Judith Möller & Damian TrillingJournalism Studies
2020-05-06Real Talk About Fake News: Identity Language and Disconnected Networks of the US Public’s “Fake News” Discourse on TwitterJianing Li, Min-Hsin SuSocial Media + Society
2020-05-05Police Social Media and Broadcast News: An Investigation into the Impact of Police Use of Facebook on Journalists’ Gatekeeping RoleJennifer Grygiel & Suzanne LysakJournalism Practice
2020-05-05What the Twenty-First Century Engaged Journalism can Learn from the Twentieth Century Public JournalismSeong Jae MinJournalism Practice
2020-05-05Media Coverage of Campaign Promises Throughout the Electoral CycleStefan MüllerPolitical Communication
2020-05-05Sport as part of the state propaganda system in RussiaAlexandra VladimirovaReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Fellow Paper
2020-05-05UK public opinion polarised on news coverage of government coronavirus response and concern over misinformationRasmus Kleis Nielsen, Antonis Kalogeropoulos, Richard FletcherReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Factsheet
2020-05-04Endless mode: Exploring the procedural rhetoric of a Black Lives Matter-themed newsgameAllissa V RichardsonConvergence
2020-05-03Curbing Journalistic Gender Bias: How Activating Awareness of Gender Bias in Indian Journalists Affects Their ReportingPriyanka Kalra & Mark BoukesJournalism Practice
2020-05-01Producing newsgames beyond boundaries: Journalists, game developers, and the news businessChristoph Plewe, Elfriede FürsichConvergence
2020-05-01Studying incidental news: Antecedents, dynamics and implicationsNeta Kligler-Vilenchik, Alfred Hermida, Sebastián Valenzuela, Mikko VilliJournalism
2020-05-01Testing the inadvertency hypothesis: Incidental news exposure and political disagreement across media platformsMatthew BarnidgeJournalism
2020-05-01The Influence of Presumed Fake News Influence: Examining Public Support for Corporate Corrective Response, Media Literacy Interventions, and Governmental RegulationYang Cheng & Zifei Fay ChenMass Communication and Society
2020-05-01Images of Foreign Countries on Chinese Social Media: A comparative study of state accounts and private accounts on the WeChat Official Account PlatformZijuan ZhongReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism Fellow Paper
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