Research of June 2019

Journalism Research of June 2019

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in June 2019 about journalism research. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2019-06-26Computing the Linguistic-Based Cues of Fake News in the Philippines Towards its DetectionAaron Carl T. Fernandez, Madhavi DevarajWIMS2019 Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics
2019-06-12Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2019Nic Newman, Richard Fletcher, Antonis Kalogeropoulos and Rasmus Kleis NielsenReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2019-06-11Digital News Report 2019 - South Africa Supplementary ReportChris Roper, Nic Newman, Anne SchulzReuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
2019-06-11Community media, their communities and conflict: A mapping analysis of Israeli community broadcasting groupsHillel Nossek, Nico CarpentierJournal of Alternative and Community Media
2019-06-11The printed (French-speaking) alternative media in Belgium: Journalism or activism?Robin Van LeeckwyckJournal of Alternative and Community Media
2019-06-11Diverging ideals of autonomy: Non-state media in Cuba challenging a broken media monopolyAnne NatvigJournal of Alternative and Community Media
2019-06-10Digital disruption? Journalism startups in IndiaRevati PrasadJournalism
2019-06-10In their own words: A normative-empirical approach to journalistic roles around the worldOlivier Standaert, Thomas Hanitzsch, Jonathan DedonderJournalism
2019-06-10The seriousness of storytelling: What constraints to professional news routines reveal about the state of journalistic autonomy in local television newsroomsKeren HendersonJournalism
2019-06-10The year in between: 1917, Passchendaele, and the Queensland pressMartin Kerby, Margaret BaguleyMedia, War & Conflict
2019-06-09The Layers of The Onion: The Impact of Satirical News on Affect and Online Sharing BehaviorsElise M. Stevens, Karen McIntyreElectronic News
2019-06-06If Only They Knew: Audience Expectations and Actual Sourcing Practices in Online JournalismVille J. E. ManninenJournalism Practice
2019-06-06The role of city rankings in local public policy design: Urban competitiveness and economic pressAlberto Carrera PortugalGlobal Media and China
2019-06-06Through Reflective Lenses: Enhancing Students’ Perceptions of Their Media Writing SkillsHolli R. Leggette, Tobin Redwine, Brytann BusickJournalism & Mass Communication Educator
2019-06-05Journalists’ Perception of Time Pressure: A Global PerspectiveHalliki Harro-Loit & Beate JosephiJournalism Practice
2019-06-05Many Americans Say Made-Up News Is a Critical Problem That Needs To Be FixedAmy Mitchell, Jeffrey Gottfried, Sophia Fedeli, Galen Stocking And Mason WalkerPew Research Center survey
2019-06-04Framing overseas Chinese students: A comparative analysis of newspaper coverage in mainland China, U.S., and Hong KongYan Su, Porismita BorahInternational Communication Gazette
2019-06-04US prisms and prejudice through mediating the Middle EastKarin G WilkinsInternational Communication Gazette
2019-06-04Editors versus audiences facing news: Is this discrepancy also repeated on social news networks?Santi Urrutia, Begoña Zalbidea, Idoia Camacho, Jose Mari PastorJournalism
2019-06-04News You Can’t Use: Jon Stewart’s Daily Show Media CritiquesJulia R. Fox, Edo SteinbergJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-06-04Narratives of death: Systemic determinants of the coverage of a Public Health Emergency of International ConcernAdaobi Vivian DuruGlobal Media and Communication
2019-06-03The Persuasive Effect of Journalistic Storytelling: Experiments on the Portrayal of Exemplars in the NewsCorinna Oschatz, Katharina Emde-Lachmund, Christoph KlimmtJournalism & Mass Communication Quarterly
2019-06-03State–Media Consensus on Going to War? Australian Newspapers, Political Elites, and Fighting the Islamic StatePeter E. Mulherin, Benjamin IsakhanThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-06-03Qualitative Quotes: The Prevalence and Effects of Survey Respondent Exemplars in Political News CoverageBen Gaskins, Jason Barabas, Jennifer JeritThe International Journal of Press/Politics
2019-06-03The Waste Products of the American Dream: framing Black cultural pathology in the dominant news media in times of crisisBrittany LewisCritical Studies in Media Communication
2019-06-03How did Americans Really Think About the Apple/FBI Dispute? A Mixed-method StudyAngela M. Lee & Ori TenenboimJournalism Practice
2019-06-03Beyond Time and Space: The Impact of Autonomy from Politics and Commercialization Pressure on Mediatization in German and Austrian Newspapers—A Multilevel ApproachMelanie Magin & Stefan GeißPolitical Communication
2019-06-03‘The right not to have anything’: the ‘Nasreddin in Russia’ newspaperNarmina AbdulaevRussian Journal of Communication
2019-06-03The U.S. Military Veteran in News Photographs: Representation and StereotypesScott Parrott, David L. Albright, Hailey Grace Steele & Caitlin DycheVisual Communication Quarterly
2019-06-02An Ethics of (not) Showing: Citizen Witnessing, Journalism and Visualizations of a Terror AttackMaria NilssonJournalism Practice
2019-06-02Testing popular news discourse on the “echo chamber” effect: Does political polarisation occur among those relying on social media as their primary politics news source?An Nguyen, Hong Tien VuFirst Monday
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