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Research of October 2017

All journalism research of October 2017

Here is a list of all academic peer-reviewed articles, reports and other papers published in October 2017 about journalism research. The list is updated a couple of times per week. The bolded titles link to JRN articles written about the studies.

PublishedTitleAuthor(s)Journal / publisher
2017-10-02Covering President Trump in a Polarized Media EnvironmentAmy Mitchell, Jeffrey Gottfried, Galen Stocking, Katerina Eva Matsa and Elizabeth GriecoPew Research Center Analysis
2017-10-03Journalistic transgressions in the representation of Jeremy Corbyn: From watchdog to attackdogBart Cammaerts, Brooks DeCillia, João Carlos MagalhãesJournalism
2017-10-03Veritable Flak Mill: A case study of Project Veritas and a call for truthBrian Michael GossJournalism Studies
2017-10-03Crisis Continued: Cable news, American exceptionalism, and discourses of dangerPerry ParksJournalism Studies
2017-10-05The State of Technology in Global NewsroomsInternational Center for Journalists
2017-10-05Making the most of Twitter: How technological affordances influence Swedish journalists’ self-brandingUlrika HedmanJournalism
2017-10-05What your site can learn from 100 news organizations with robust membership programsJay Rosen & Gonzalo del PeonThe Membership Puzzle Project
2017-10-07Dialogic journalism: how can journalists participate in the networks of social innovation?Taneli HeikkaDoctoral thesis, University of Jyväskylä.
2017-10-05Empirical examination of the theory of disaster marathon: A case study of the local television coverage following the 2014 Ludian, China earthquakeYi (Victor) Wang & Hans Martial Louis-CharlesThe Communication Review
2017-10-05Picture This: The Influence of Emotionally Valenced Images, On Attention, Selection, and Sharing of Social Media NewsKate Keib et al.Media Psychology
2017-10-05Interviewing interviewers: Collecting, analyzing and generalizing from occupational life histories of journalistsOren Meyers & Roei DavidsonThe Communication Review
2017-10-06How framing of nationally and locally sensitive issues varies? A content analysis of news from party and nonparty newspapers in ChinaXianwen Kuang & Rining WeiJournalism
2017-10-05Representations of refugees and asylum seekers during the 2013 federal electionKehla Lippi, Fiona H McKay & Hayley J. McKenzieJournalism
2017-10-04Journalism and political affiliation of the media: Influence of ownership on Indonesian newspapersMala Ekayanti & Hao XiaomingJournalism
Media use in the Middle East 2017Northwestern University in Qatar
2017-10-09Migration Maps with the News: Guidelines for ethical visualization of mobile populationsPaul C. AdamsJournalism Studies
2017-10-10Was Sky News softer on Qatari affairs due to Qatar Airways’ sponsorship of Sky weather reports?
An empirical analysis
Tal Samuel-Azran & Inbal AssafCritical Studies in Media Communication
2017-10-10Re-thinking Trust in the News
A material approach through “Objects of Journalism”
Nikki UsherJournalism Studies
2017-10-10Helpfulness as Journalism’s Normative Anchor: Addressing blind spots and going back to basicsRyan J. ThomasJournalism Studies
2017-10-10A “Deep Story” about American Journalism
Using “episodes” to explore folk theories of journalism
Ruth A. PalmerJournalism Studies
2017-10-11Data Journalism and the Challenge of Shoe-Leather EpistemologiesNorman P. Lewis & Stephenson Waters Digital Journalism
2017-10-11The Disruption of Social Media: How the traditional collaborative model between reporters and editors evolves in American newsroomsYanfang WuDigital Journalism
2017-10-10Naming the Dog on the Internet: Student reporters’ verification tactics for non-elite newsmakers onlineAndrew Duffy & Jeanette Tan Rui SiDigital Journalism
2017-10-10How to feed The Ferret: Understanding subscribers in the search for a sustainable model of investigative journalismJohn PriceJournalism
2017-10-09Transmedia or repurposing journalism? News brands in the era of convergence. Compared study of Greek elections coverage by El País (ES), The Guardian (UK), La Repubblica (IT), and Público (PT)Carmen Costa-Sánchez, Ana-Isabel Rodríguez-Vázquez, Xosé López-GarcíaJournalism
2017-10-09Journalism as a public good: A Scandinavian perspectiveSigurd Allern, Ester PollackJournalism
2017-10-10From “Trust Me” To “Show Me” Journalism: Can DocumentCloud help to restore the deteriorating credibility of news?Niv Mor & Zvi Reich
Journalism Practice
2017-10-10And Deliver Us to Segmentation: The growing appeal of the niche news audienceJacob L. Nelson
Journalism Practice
2017-10-10The People Have Spoken (The Bastards?): Finding a legitimate place for feedback in the journalistic fieldAndrew Duffy, Rich Ling & Edson C. Tandoc Jr.
Journalism Practice
2017-10-10 Nurturing Authority: Reassessing the social role of local television news
Tanya Muscat
Journalism Practice
2017-10-12Faking News: Fraudulent News and the Fight for TruthPen America
2017-10-12World Press Trends report 2017WAN-IFRA
2017-10-12Environmental Orientations and News Coverage: Examining the Impact of Individual Differences and Narrative NewsFuyuan Shen, Lee Ahern & Jiangxue HanInternational Journal of Communication
2017-10-12Redirecting the Focus of the Agenda: Testing the Zero-Sum Dynamics of Media Attention in News and User-Generated MediaS Mo Jang & Yong Jin ParkInternational Journal of Communication
2017-10-12Effects of Mass Media Exposure and Social Network Site Involvement on Risk Perception of and Precautionary Behavior Toward the Haze Issue in ChinaXiaohua Wu & Xigen LiInternational Journal of Communication
2017-10-12Data-driven reporting: An on-going (r)evolution?
An analysis of projects nominated for the Data Journalism Awards 2013–2016
Wiebke Loosen, Julius Reimer & Fenja De Silva-SchmidtJournalism
2017-10-11“Not to Disclose Information Sources”: Journalistic Privilege Under Article 19 of ICCPREdward L. CarterCommunication Law and Policy
All the president’s lies: Media coverage of lies in the US and FranceHeidi Taksdal SkjesethReuters Institute
2017-10-13Tinted revolutions in prismatic news: Ideological influences in Greater China’s reporting on the role of social media in the Arab UprisingsY Roselyn DuJournalism
2017-10-13The entanglements between data journalism and civic techStefan BaackDigital Journalism
2017-10-13Viral News on Social MediaAhmed Al-RawiDigital Journalism
2017-10-13Journalism, transparency and citizen participation: a methodological tool to evaluate information published on municipal websitesNúria Simelio et al.Information, Communication & Society
2017-10-13Why Users Share the News: A Theory of Reasoned Action-Based Study on the Antecedents of News-Sharing BehaviorVeronika Karnowski, Larissa Leonhard & Anna Sophie KümpelCommunication Research Reports
2017-10-14‘Team GB’ or ‘Team Scotland’? Media representations of ‘Britishness’ and ‘Scottishness’ at London 2012 and Glasgow 2014Jack Black & Stuart WhighamJournalism
‘I’ve never interviewed ordinary people. We use them only in vox pops’Milica PesicJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
Indigenous voices in the global public sphere: Analysis of approaches to journalism within the WITBN networkLia MarkelinJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
Global interaction as a learning path towards inclusive journalismTom Moring et al.Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
How diverse are Egypt’s media: A look at the post-revolution presidential electionsRasha AbdullaJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
Who speaks for Islam in Australian newspapers? – The case of the Doveton mosque in Melbourne, VictoriaCaitlin Parr & Judith Sandner Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
‘To follow or not to follow?’: How Belgian health journalists use Twitter to monitor potential sourcesSarah Van Leuven & Annelore Deprez Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
Building bridges: Inclusive journalism in conflict zonesLorena Cotza Journal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
Inclusive journalism: How to shed light on voices traditionally left out in news coverageVerica RuparJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
Translation in the newsroom: Losing voices in multilingual newsflowsDaniel Perrin, Maureen Ehrensberger-Dow & Marta ZampaJournal of Applied Journalism & Media Studies
The value of media environment in engaging digital display audiencesDavid BassettLumen Research
2017-10-19The Future of Truth and Misinformation OnlineJanna Anderson & Lee RainiePew Research Center
Conflictual Approaches to Nationalism in the Islamic Thought in the Late Ottoman Society: A Case Study of the Journal Sebilür-Reşad
Ozan M. AşıkUludağ University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Journal of Social Sciences
2017-10-18A Matter of Space: Designing newsrooms for new digital practiceDana CoesterAmerican Press Institute
2017-10-19Classifying Data Journalism: A content analysis of daily data-driven storiesFlorian StalphJournalism Practice
2017-10-19Crafting Resonance in a Sports Media Event: The Olympic Games as a transnational social dramaLimin LiangJournalism Studies
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