ARTICLE: For Swiss journalists, ideals and practice do not meet

Do journalists produce journalism that matches their ideals and their self-reported work practices? Patric Raemy and Daniel Beck, both of University of Fribourg, with Lea Hellmueller, of University of Houston, investigated the question by comparing journalists’ role conceptions and their actual output. The authors analysed 519 news articles published by five Swiss newspapers and three … Continued

Books of the week - Journalism Research News

Books of the week 3/2018

On week 3/2018 the following publications have come to our attention: They Came to Toil: Newspaper Representations of Mexicans and Immigrants in the Great Depression Written by Melita M. Garza Published by University of Texas Press 264 pages Risk and Health Communication in an Evolving Media Environment Edited by H. Dan O’Hair Published by Routledge … Continued


CFP | 1.4. | AEJMC Annual conference

The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) is now accepting paper submissions for its 2018 annual conference. The event will take place in Washington, DC, United States, between the 6th and 9th of August. The conference is sectioned according to AEJMC divisions, which include Electronic News, Magazine Media, Mass Communication & Society, … Continued

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ARTICLE: Social media does not increase political knowledge

Using social media for political information does not actually help the audience learn anything about politics, Adam Shehata and Jesper Strömbäck, both of University of Gothenburg, write. The authors analysed data from two multi-wave surveys, together consisting of responses from over 4 500 Swedes. In both surveys, the respondents were first asked to fill in … Continued

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ARTICLE: Despite fewer aviation incidents, relative media attention increased over time in the Netherlands

Do the news portray a distorted world image when reporting menace? ask Toni G. L. A. van der Meer, Anne C. Kroon, Piet Verhoeven and Jeroen Jonkman, all of the University of Amsterdam. To answer this, the researchers did a longitudinal study from 1991 to 2015 about media coverage of aviation incidents. The authors conducted … Continued


CFP | 2.2. | Finnish Conference of Media and Communication Research (MEVI2018)

The Finnish Conference of Media and Communication Research, to be held in Jyväskylä on 27–28 April, 2018, is calling for papers. The theme of the conference is “Media and Hope”. The MEVI2018 conference has 13 working groups, including “Critical media theory”, “Media, the past, and future imaginaries” and “Media education, critical media literacy and participatory … Continued

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ARTICLE: Mobile journalists emphasize their relationship with the audience

“The growth of mobile journalism represents the development of lifestyle journalism norms, such as content driven by the audience, within even traditional journalism”, write Gregory Perreault of Appalachian State University, and Kellie Stanfield of Salisbury University, in their new study. The researchers interviewed 39 mobile journalists from six countries about their role in the newsroom. … Continued

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ARTICLE: Learning and knowing at a public broadcasting company

Journalistic practice should be seen as open-ended and performative, rather than fixed and routine, a new study states. Aare Värk and Eneli Kindsiko of the University of Tartu studied on-the-job learning and knowing in journalistic practice, following the work at Estonian Public Broadcasting. The researchers did a year-long ethnographic study including 19 on-site observation sessions, … Continued

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ARTICLE: Journalism produces its own kind of gendered institution

Many previous studies on journalism have overlooked journalism as a gendered institution, argue Iiris Ruoho and Sinikka Torkkola of the University of Tampere, in a new study. The gendered institution of journalism can be seen either as an externally or internally constructed object. Journalism and gender should not be kept apart, but their relation can … Continued


CFP | 15.2. | Global Communication Association Conference

​The Global Communication Association and Rey Juan Carlos University invites you to submit your abstracts for the 13th annual convention to be held in Madrid, Spain, on May 17-20, 2018. The GCA invites research papers exploring any aspect of issues related to global communication including, but not limited, to the following broad topics: • Issues … Continued

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ARTICLE: Swedish young people getting news from social media

Annika Bergström and Maria Jervelycke Belfrage of the University of Gothenburg, examined young people’s news-gathering on social media in Sweden, using a combination of representative survey data (respondents aged 16 to 25) and qualitative interviews with 44 people aged 16 to 19. According to the survey conducted in 2015, 91% of respondents read news via … Continued