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PublishedDeadlineCall for paper
2018-02-222018-05-30Journal of alternative and community media
2018-02-212018-04-30Rethinking theories and concepts of mediated communication
2018-02-202018-03-01How to research collective memories of things not lived?
2018-02-202018-04-30Death and celebrity
2018-02-142018-04-30Media plurality in the age of algorithms
2018-02-122018-04-15Data journalism in Latin America, Spain and Portugal
2018-02-122018-04-02Universalism and public service media conference
2018-02-092018-03-15How is social media affecting the news ecosystem?
2018-02-092018-03-30Citizen journalism in Asian countries
2018-02-052018-03-15Panel on on multidisciplinary media & mediated communication technologies
2018-02-052018-03-15Taboo and the media
2018-02-022018-05-31How different really is the "new media" from the "old"?
2018-01-312018-03-01Past and future perspectives of agenda setting
2018-01-31openProposals for “Global Media Policy and Business” book series
2018-01-30openMedia Studies journal (Medijske studije)
2018-01-302018-04-10“Media, Polis, Agora” conference
2018-01-302018-03-31Media Sociology preconference for ASA 2018
2018-01-292018-03-01Media and nationalism
2018-01-292018-03-15Disrupting Media Infrastructures
2018-01-29openBook on “Protest, Media and Culture”
2018-01-262018-04-30ECREA 2018 preconference on hybrid journalism
2018-01-262018-05-30Digital literacy education and fake news
2018-01-242018-06-01Data journalism issue of Digital Journalism
2018-01-192018-04-01AEJMC Annual conference
2018-01-152018-04-16Fake news and filter bubbles
2018-01-092018-06-30Mediatization Studies journal
2017-12-152018-03-30Media, production of location and tourism
2017-12-112018-03-12Fear, culture and agency
2017-12-112018-03-01Disability and media in Africa
2017-12-082018-02-28Centres and peripheries of communication
2017-12-052018-03-31Journal of Communication and Media Research 10th anniversary issue
2017-12-042018-04-15Journalism across borders
2017-11-172018-04-30Terrorist attacks and the media
2017-11-072018-03-01Journalism and Social Media: Redistribution of Power?
2017-11-062018-02-28Media and minorities
2017-10-042018-05-31Journalism, media and surveillance conference
2017-09-082018-03-15The socio-political economy of communication