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PublishedDeadlineCall for paper
2018-05-312018-08-15Digital media and democracy in the Americas
2018-05-222018-11-01MC&S: Refugees, media, and public opinion
2018-05-182018-06-30Disinformation and digital media as a challenge for democracy
2018-05-162018-06-30Emerging Chinese theory and practice of media
2018-05-082018-06-18Gender, migration, and the media
2018-05-082018-07-27Fake news, bots and cyber-propaganda in Africa
2018-05-032018-06-15International Journal of Press/Politics conference
2018-05-022018-06-15Online journalism conference #6COBCIBER
2018-05-022018-06-22Sports media and femininity
2018-04-262018-05-30Digital literacy, fake news and education
2018-04-262018-06-15MeCCSA 2019
2018-04-242018-09-01Podcasting, the popular, and the public sphere
2018-04-232018-08-15Conference on digital transformations of mass media
2018-04-192018-08-15Global media literacy, issue of Glimpse
2018-04-182018-07-04African digital media review
2018-04-172018-06-22Political Studies Association: Political reversals and renewals
2018-04-172018-09-30Populism and the media across europe, special issue of CEJC journal
2018-04-162018-06-15Book chapters on “Mediated Shame”
2018-04-132018-06-07The press and the vote
2018-04-122018-09-07Gamifying news
2018-03-282018-05-31New media studies: re-examining articulations of theory, practice and context
2018-03-272018-06-10Ownership and management in the African media
2018-03-262018-05-31Journalism practice and the digital age
2018-03-26openEntries for The SAGE International Encyclopedia of Mass Media and Society
2018-03-212018-05-30Sociocultural frontiers of journalism in Brazil and in Francophone space
2018-03-212018-06-01Communication in the digital age (CIDA) symposium
2018-03-192018-06-10The future of facts
2018-03-162018-05-30Twitter and journalism
2018-03-142018-06-29Recherches en Communication journal issue on “Journalism and Experientiality”
2018-03-082018-05-31Prague Media Point Conference
2018-03-072018-05-31Media innovation and "good life"
2018-03-06openBook in gender, sexuality, and media
2018-03-052018-06-15Futures of media
2018-03-012018-06-30What’s (the) news? Values, viruses and vectors of newsworthiness conference
2018-02-282018-07-15Lisbon winter school on media and populism
2018-02-272018-05-30Media ownership in Africa
2018-02-272018-06-01Literary journalism as a discipline, issue for Brazilian Journalism Research
2018-02-232018-05-31International perspectives on post-truth (and) populism
2018-02-222018-05-30Journal of alternative and community media
2018-02-022018-05-31How different really is the "new media" from the "old"?
2018-01-31openProposals for “Global Media Policy and Business” book series
2018-01-30openMedia Studies journal (Medijske studije)
2018-01-29openBook on “Protest, Media and Culture”
2018-01-262018-05-20ECREA 2018 preconference on hybrid journalism
2018-01-262018-05-30Digital literacy education and fake news
2018-01-242018-06-01Data journalism issue of Digital Journalism
2018-01-092018-06-30Mediatization Studies journal
2017-10-042018-05-31Journalism, media and surveillance conference