CFP | 22.1. | Women & media practice in conflict and crisis situations

Signal Strength Symposium 2018 is calling for papers. The event held on 8 March 2018 (International Women’s Day) in Sheffield, UK, and it is organised by the Department of Journalism Studies, University of Sheffield. Theme of this symposium is “Women & media practice in conflict and crisis situations”.

According to the United Nations Refugee Agency (2017), women comprise approximately 50 per cent of refugees worldwide, mostly as a result of conflict, and are often put at greater hardship than men in these situations based upon their gender. The symposium aims to examine the extent to which radio – and other forms of media – provides a platform for women who are, or have been, in conflict and crisis.

The organisers welcome papers related to following themes or to the broader topic:

  • Use of radio and media in conflict environments
  • Use of radio to support women
  • Local and/or community radio in conflict/crisis
  • Women as (radio/media) audience in conflict/crisis
  • Empowering of women – and local communities – through radio (and media)
  • Radio in society in conflict-affected areas
  • Safety and protection of women journalists
  • Representation of women in conflict/crisis by the radio
  • Women and broadcasting technologies
  • Media freedoms – the limits and limitations of media strategies and policies, domestic and foreign
  • Stereotyping on air and in the media
  • Resourcing women’s radio journalism in conflict/crisis environments
  • Women in radio and on air – pedagogy and practice

Deadline for abstracts is on 15th January 2018 extended to 22 January 2018. Further information is available on symposium website.

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